Personal Calling

Jesus himself equips each of his followers with unique gifts and passions to accomplish His mission on earth. The Personal Calling Channel seeks to help leaders discern and more fully engage their unique personal calling.

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Todd Wilson, Author of More
Answering the Question - What is My Purpose?
Os Guinness at Saddleback Church
Discovering, and Living Out Our Calling
Catalyst Interview with Pete Richardson
We Are All Called
Banning Liebscher, the Lead Pastor of Jesus Culture
Finding Your Calling
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New Book on Personal Calling

When you get your
'Who am I?' question right, all of your 'What should I do?' questions tend to take care of themselves

Richard Rohr
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Finding and Aligning Your Personal Vision
Audio Training with Will Mancini
FREE eBook by Theology of Work
Interviews with Christian Leaders on Calling
Interview on Finding Your Calling
Ed Stetzer and Todd Wilson via The Exchange
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Be careful lest you allow comfort to compromise the calling of God's Kingdom on your life

Albert Tate
It’s Universal and Personal

Is the life I lead, the life that longs to live in me?

Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak
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