Church Mobilization Culture Results

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Your Mobilization Culture is Level {Corrected Level:912}

Made for More Resources has an entire library of FREE mobilization resources.  This includes eBooks, visual guides, a staff small group study through the book of Ephesians (including 20+ training videos), a personal calling resource kit, training videos, an online course, a 30-Day devotional, and more.  To see the full list of FREE resources, click here.
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Time for two?  Download our FREE eBook The Mobilization Flywheel.  Click here to download.
Time for three?  Consider taking your team through a study of Ephesians. We highlight six essential shifts for creating a culture of Biblical mobilization.  This FREE study guide (and 20+ training videos) are designed for staff, elders and church leaders.  Click here to download the kit and study guide.


When the scoring algorithm is complete after beta testing, users will receive a score on a 5 level scale.  Each of the 5 levels represents a unique culture.
Level 1 – Recruiting Volunteers
Level 2 – Managing Resources
Level 3 – Developing Leaders
Level 4 – Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries
Level 5 – Multiplying Mobilization Culture